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How to create construction bids that make an impact

And increase the confidence of the decision-makers

If you've ever created a tender bid, you'd know how tricky and time consuming they can be to get right. You start with a plan, then prepare all your information, write your tender and then present it to the client.

It's a lot of work for something that can be quite hit and miss.

And with the construction industry becoming more competitive, with builders aiming for tenders that may be outside their usual scope, you need to up your game to even get a look in.

There are many ways to make sure your bid is on par with the best:

  • You've researched your client's needs and addressed them in a personalised tender

  • You've gone beyond the tender questions to add in details they may not have thought of, but you can see could be problematic

  • You've used high-quality graphics and infographics to explain information to those who appreciate visuals over words

  • You've used case studies of how you've helped other clients with similar projects

In today's market place, most companies will know they need to do all these things, but one thing is often overlooked.

The importance of the tender pitch process

When it comes to winning tender bids, your pitch is just as important as the price. Why? Because you need to give your potential client confidence in you.

  • Confidence that you're the right fit for the project

  • Confidence that you've done your research and know their project vision

  • Confidence that you've thought ahead to identify potential issues

  • And the confidence that you will do what you've said you can do

On most occasions, you'll be presenting your tender bid to a selection panel so you'll have a range of personalities to win over. Some may be tougher than others. You'll need to be able to present your pitch in a way that proves you're the best and why you should be chosen for the project.

And although you may be the best presenter on the planet, if you're bid lacks power, you'll unfortunately be overlooked.

Here's a sure-fire way to grab the attention of a tender selection panel

Use 3D & 4D construction animation in your next tender bid, and you're guaranteed to stand out and make an impact.

This animation technology brings your project to life from the ground up. You'll grab the decision-makers attention when you virtually build the project in front of their eyes. You can show your client each stage of construction, as well as factoring in all the external influences of the surrounding area.

3D construction animation sequencing in your bids helps you to increase the decision-makers confidence by:

  • Pre-building their project so they can visualise the result

  • Showing that you've forecast any issues that may arise and factored that in

  • Reducing the risk of construction budget blowouts

  • Accurately identifying lead times to give realistic completion dates (& take into account possible supply delays)

  • Avoiding reworks of plans and delaying the project

Here's a quick video so you can see it in action:

4D construction sequencing in your bid will start conversations

If you've ever presented a tender before, you'll know how tough it can be if the room is sitting in silence. You don't want that! You want to create a buzz.

When a selection panel is hearing from multiple bidders, they're likely to zone out as they all blend into each other. They will start to become overloaded with information as they listen to each pitch and try to remember the intricacies of each tender.

But when you go in with 4D construction sequencing in your pitch, it will start conversations. You'll find they pay more attention to you and will have lots of questions as they see their project come to life.

And that's what you want in this fiercely competitive construction tender game. You want to be the company that's stood out, started conversations, sparked interest and shown that you're an innovative company.

Are you ready to increase decision making confidence by creating stand out bids?

Clients who have used 3D & 4D construction animation technology have won more million+ dollar bids. For it to be highly effective, you're encouraged to get in touch as early in the tender process as possible. This way, we get to know you and the project and can help you to create a stand-out bid from the get-go.

You can find more information about 3D & 4D construction animation here.


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