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3D Render Visualisations &
3D Flythroughs

For architects, developers and real estate agents

3D Rendering Services

As a property developer, architect, interior designer, or anyone working in the real estate industry, you’ll know that explaining your design intent and showcasing a project’s detail is vital in winning the deal. Our Melbourne based expert team of 3D visualiser animators are highly skilled in creating 3D architectural rendering, 3D modelling and 3D architectural animations. We’ll ensure all aspects of your architectural project, development project and design concepts are captured with meticulous detail to help you seal more property deals.

Here at Konan Construction Animations our mission is to democratise high-end architectural visualisations to communicate your design intent. We believe that all architects and developers should have access to up-market quality 3D architectural rendering at a better value. Across Australia, the competition in bidding and winning clients over can be tough. In order to give your design proposal, the edge over your competitors, our cost-effective 3D rendering service and 3D architectural animation service will capture every detailed specification and communicate the unique selling points of your project. Our 3D architectural rendering and 3D architectural animation services are perfect for architects, interior designers, property developers, project managers, real estate agents and house and land builders.

Our Work

3D Architectural Projects

Professional 3D Rendering Services in Australia

Create a successful bid by getting in touch with Konan Construction Animations today. With an architectural design background, our professional team of 3D visualisers are highly skilled and fully qualified to create a high detailed 3D architectural rendering of your project. Australian based architects, property developers and real estate agents who are looking to put forward their proposed design can trust our team to create an engaging narrative whether through a 3D architectural animation, 3D architectural walkthroughs or a set of 3D still renders in communicating their project vision.

3D Architectural Rendering For Melbourne Based Clients

Our expert team of 3D visualiser animators are highly skilled in creating high-quality 3D rendering of your Melbourne based project that will help you seal more property deals. From selling properties off the plan, obtaining relevant body approvals to keeping investors happy, you’ll find our high-quality 3D architectural renders and 3D architectural animation services help all involved in visualising your project. At Konan Construction Animations, we guarantee you’ll be impressed by our high-end and cost-effective 3D architectural rendering and walkthroughs solutions.

Ready to bring your project to life with 3D architectural render or animations? Please get in touch about our 3D rendering solutions for your next Melbourne project. Give our Konan Construction Animation team a call of 0405680207 now for an obligation free quote for your project.

Bringing high-quality architectural imagery to life

With an architectural design background, we're here to help developers communicate their project vision

3D Imagery

When you present your project using 3D imagery, you’ll find the architectural animations virtually guide your audience through your ideas. You can easily demonstrate your development thought process, from the building design through to interior design.

Floor Plans
Virtual Reality

Starting with your building plans, our 3D architectural experts bring your vision to life. When you’re selling your design to investors and developers, 3D animation is the best way to create a compelling and visual story. You’ll clearly communicate your vision, and you’ll find ‘selling’ your ideas are easier than ever.

Building Plan II

You’ll up your design presentation game when presenting your audience with 2D or 3D floor plans. Using your CAD files, we’ll create stand out, coloured floor plans that turn complicated architectural floor plans into practical and straightforward plans where potential buyers can visualise each room.

In today’s modern world, there’s no reason why you can’t take your buyers through the property (or upcoming development) using virtual reality. This immersive 360-degree experience will help you communicate the entire living experience to your audience using a specially designed web platform. 

Why should you trust our Architectural Animation?

With an architectural design background (Degree from Monash University) and working in the property industry, we know the value of property marketing and sales.

Is 3D animation rendering a good marketing tool?

100% yes! 3D imagery strikes emotion as you’re not only creating an up-market feel for your project, but you’re allowing people to visualise themselves in your space. 3D imagery has been shown to increase click-through rates, so it works a treat for any marketing campaign.


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