Konan 3D Construction Visualisation Technology

3D Construction Visualisation Technology

Helping you win more bids using 3D imagery


Pre-build your project using 3D & 4D animation technology

In today's competitive construction market, your tender bids need to be memorable. They need to create an impact. And they need to be as accurate as possible.

On average, large construction projects take 20% longer to finish and are often up to 80% over budget. If you're winning bids, but consistently showing these kinds of delays and budget blow-outs, your bids will lose validity.

So how do you create a stand-out construction bid?

To gain a competitive advantage, you need to add 3D visualisation and 4D construction animations to your tender bids.

Not only will you be able to convert target project tenders into winning bid proposals, but 3D construction animation will ensure your end client has a complete overview of the entire project.

A revolutionary way to win more bids

3D Construction Visualisation Technology

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The benefits of 3D animation technology 

Are you looking to win more bids? Whether you’re an estimator, estimating manager or a pre-construction manager, 3D building construction animation is your secret weapon. Your chances of standing out from the rest of your competitors are higher when you present with a 3D construction animation.

Benefits of 3D animation technology | 3D Bid services
Pre-build your project

You'll become known as the revolutionary bidder when you're using 3D & 4D animation technology. Getting a competitive advantage, you can physically show your client the building process.

Benefits of 3D animation technology | 3D Bid services
Create a memorable bid

If you've been using the same tender proposals for years, and you're finding your hit/win ratio is struggling, it's time to up your game with the use of 3D and 4D imagery.

Benefits of 3D animation technology | 3D Bid services | BIM
Reduce budget blow-outs

When you pre-build the construction from the ground up, you can identify any issues that blow-out budgets down the track. Your bid may not be the cheapest, but it will be accurate.


How your construction animation sequence is created

We highly recommend getting in touch with our team early into your bidding stage, as this will ensure we can develop the perfect 3D and 4D construction animation that will give you the results you’re seeking. This way, we understand your key strategic advantages and unique selling points.

Win more bids
Site Logistics | Creating a construction animation sequence

Site Logistics

You'll show your site logistic plan including lay down areas, site accommodations, special access zones and heavy vehicle loading bays. This will detect clashes, avoid delays and save time.

Build Sequence | Creating a construction animation sequence

Build Sequence

You can create a month by month narrative and validate your program against a 3D BIM model from excavation, piling, concrete pours, all the way to project handover.

Traffic Management | Creating a construction animation sequence

Traffic Management

You will clearly communicate your traffic management plan and key access routes for contractors, public and pedestrians. You'll be able to demonstrate how you'll provide minimal impact to traffic and the surrounding neighbourhood.

Identify Key Risks | Creating a construction animation sequence

Identify Key Risks

You can visualise and flag potential project risks to showcase our expertise in planning and provisions around identified risks.

Multiple Staging | Creating a construction animation sequence

Multiple Staging

You'll visualise complex and multiple staging plans, phases and zoning to convey your strategic build sequence.

Alternative Design Solutions | Creating a construction animation sequence

Value Management Solutions

You can showcase your design management and alternative design solutions to help key stakeholders understand the benefits and expertise you bring to the table.

Case Studies

See how 3D animation works for construction projects

Here are projects case studies from estimators, estimating managers & pre-construction managers who've used 3D imagery and 4D construction simulation to win more bids.