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3D Render Visualisations &
3D Flythroughs

For architects, developers and real estate agents

BIM Construction Sydney

Are you an estimator, estimating manager or a pre-construction manager looking to create a successful bid? As a leading VDC & BIM construction service, our highly skilled and experienced 4D planners and digital engineers here at Konan Construction Animations are able to help you bring your project to life from the ground up using 4D construction planning & 3D rendering of your Sydney project tenders. By working closely with our team to during preconstruction planning phase, we’re here to help you by listening to your game plan, then finding ways to create the winning bid. As experts in BIM technology, we’re able to communicate your construction methodology and key strategy in an effective and easy to understand 4D construction sequence that is sure to impress the key selection panel, giving you the edge you’re looking for over the other competing bids.

Recent Projects

Create a virtual BIM Construction Of Your Sydney Project

When it comes to winning tender bids, Konan Construction Animations’ BIM Construction & 3D rendering services will ensure Sydney based estimators, estimating managers and pre-construction managers maximise their results in turning project tenders into winning bid proposals. You’ll impress your client by virtually building the project in front of your client’s eyes. You’ll demonstrate each stage of construction, as well as factor in all the external influences of the surrounding area. With our BIM construction and 3D rendering of your Sydney build, you’ll ensure your forecasted schedule is validated against the BIM data, you’ll show that you’ve forecast any issues that may arise and have factored that into your bid. Our expert team of 4D planners and digital engineers will ensure you’ll reduce the risk of construction budget blowouts and help you accurately identify lead times to give realistic completion dates, avoid reworks and delays in the project. Make virtual design and construct & BIM construction your secret weapon today.

High Quality 3D rendering & Accurate BIM Construction For Estimators & Pre-Construction Managers Across Sydney


Starting with your building plans, our 3D architectural experts bring your vision to life. When you’re selling your design to investors and developers, 3D animation is the best way to create a compelling and visual story. You’ll clearly communicate your vision, and you’ll find ‘selling’ your ideas are easier than ever.

Building Plan II

You’ll up your design presentation game when presenting your audience with 2D or 3D floor plans. Using your CAD files, we’ll create stand out, coloured floor plans that turn complicated architectural floor plans into practical and straightforward plans where potential buyers can visualise each room.

In today’s modern world, there’s no reason why you can’t take your buyers through the property (or upcoming development) using virtual reality. This immersive 360-degree experience will help you communicate the entire living experience to your audience using a specially designed web platform. 

With experience in both the construction and bidding industries, Konan Construction Animations is your secret weapon to securing a successful bid. Our priority at Konan Construction Animations is to support building and construction companies to win more bids through accurate 4D scheduling and high-quality 3D rendering of their Sydney build. Through our experience of completing over 100 tender bids successfully, we know what it takes to create an innovative bid that will get noticed. We listen to your needs and your bid plan, then work with you to achieve the high-quality outcome in a bid with the wow factor.

Get your tender project right up front by enquiring about our BIM Construction & 3D rendering solutions for your next Sydney bid. Give our Konan Construction Animations team a call on 0405680207 now for a free quote.

Bringing high-quality architectural imagery to life

With an architectural design background, we're here to help developers communicate their project vision


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