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Construction Traffic Management Plan

When it comes to ensuring the safety of the public and your workers on your construction site, drawing up a site traffic management plan is imperative to keeping everyone safe and your site well protected. Commonly referred to as a TMP, traffic management plans will detail the risks involved across the site or zone, ensuring any vehicle traffic is being directed properly and safely. These plans will detail the number of vehicles and heavy machinery that can be on site at any given time. Developing a traffic management plan for construction sites is also important for managing worker and pedestrian traffic flow across the worksite.

Recent Projects

Design the perfect construction traffic management plan by getting in touch with the Konan Construction Animations team today. As one of the best ways to help your bid stand out from your competitors, a site traffic management plan will prove to your stakeholders or client that all aspects of your project have been thought out meticulously.

By working closely with our team, Konan Construction Animations will be able to design and build the perfect construction traffic management plan, ensuring all key building specifications and strategies have been mapped out properly. Through years of experience delivering a vast range of traffic management plans for construction sites both big and small across Australia, our team has the ability to create a suitable plan that will capture every vital aspect of your project.

Develop A Safe Construction Traffic Management Plan For Your Site


Starting with your building plans, our 3D architectural experts bring your vision to life. When you’re selling your design to investors and developers, 3D animation is the best way to create a compelling and visual story. You’ll clearly communicate your vision, and you’ll find ‘selling’ your ideas are easier than ever.

Building Plan II

You’ll up your design presentation game when presenting your audience with 2D or 3D floor plans. Using your CAD files, we’ll create stand out, coloured floor plans that turn complicated architectural floor plans into practical and straightforward plans where potential buyers can visualise each room.

In today’s modern world, there’s no reason why you can’t take your buyers through the property (or upcoming development) using virtual reality. This immersive 360-degree experience will help you communicate the entire living experience to your audience using a specially designed web platform. 

At Konan Construction Animations, our priority is to ensure we can map out the best possible route and potential collision points for all traffic across your construction site. From vehicles, heavy machinery, construction workers to pedestrians’, our team will carefully consider all points when preparing your site traffic management plan.

To ensure your site traffic management plan is up to date, we highly recommend monitoring and reviewing your plan every few weeks to a month. This will ensure the traffic around your site continues to flow seamlessly with the progress of the building.

For more information regarding our traffic management plan for construction sites, please reach out to our Konan Construction Animations team by giving us a call on 0405 680 207 today.

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Accurate Traffic Management Plan For Construction Sites Both Big And Small


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