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Frequently asked questions

  • What is 4D construction sequencing?
    4D construction sequencing is the intelligent linking of building information modelling BIM with planning and forecast schedules, creating a visual simulation of the construction timeline. 4D simply refers to an additional layer of data that is time.
  • What is a Construction Animation?
    Our construction animation is a 3-4 minute animation that is shown during bid presentations. Our animation contains three elements: The construction sequence of the build The site logistics methodology The key strategic advantage such as relevant previous projects, alternative design solutions and your company values.
  • What are 3D bid collaterals?
    Our 3D bid collaterals are targeted content that reinforces your value and supports your bid, our 3D bid collaterals include: 3D plans & 3D stills for document submissions Construction Animation for bid presentations Online Web Interface for digital submissions
  • What is the process of a typical project?
    To provide a free quotation all we need is a brief description of your project and project size with a copy of relevant drawings you may have at this stage. Timescales: Typically 2-4 weeks. Our Process Receive relevant construction methodology & program schedule Provide you with a draft copy of 2D methodology & round of feedback Create a 4D construction sequence Provide you with a draft copy of 3D sequence & round of feedback Post production & Additional information Final Construction Animation for Issue We ensure clear communication during the project and are open to feedback and comments you may have, ensuring you get exactly what you need.
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