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Konan 3D Construction Visualisation Technology


We're the 3D construction  animation team you can trust

At Konan Construction Animations, we're all for supporting you to win more bids

Our mission

Our Mission and Values

At Konan Construction Animations, we're all for supporting you to win more bids. With experience in both the construction and bidding industries, along with a passion for 3D animation, we know what it takes to create an innovative bid that will get noticed. We listen to your needs and your bid plan, then work with you to achieve the highest-quality outcome in a bid with the wow factor.

We Empower your Success

Enhance your bid with premium 3D bid collateral

with 4D animations, designed by a leading

animation company.

We are Animators & Innovators

Going that extra mile to help you win bids, we're not only leaders in construction animations, but we'll show you innovative ways to up your bid game.

We Listen to your Needs

Ultimately, you need to win bids, and we're here to help you by listening to your game plan, then finding ways to create the winning bid.

We Bid with you Exclusively

We are a part of your team when we are on your tender bid, and you can trust us to bid with you exclusively.

Konan explainer video

How our revolutionary 3D & 4D animation technology will help you win more bids

Konan Explainer Video

Turn on sound - 30 sec watch

Key benefits

Key benefits


Show the building process
Key Benefits of 3D & 4D Construction Animation Technology

3D & 4D construction animation helps you to bring your project to life from the ground up (including site access and layout). You’ll virtually build the project in front of your client’s eyes. You’ll demonstrate each stage of construction, as well as factor in all the external influences of the surrounding area.

  • You'll impress your client by pre-building their project

  • You'll show your client the level of detail and foresight you’ve put into your bid

  • You'll ensure your forecasted schedule is validated against the BIM data

  • You'll show that you've forecast any issues that may arise and factored that in

Sure, your bid may come in higher than those underquoting across the industry, but your bid will demonstrate accuracy. You’ve forecasted what can go wrong and you’ve allowed for that.


Increase decision maker confidence
Key Benefits of 3D & 4D Construction Animation Technology

When it comes to winning tender bids, on most occasions, you'll be presenting your tender bid to a selection panel so you'll have a range of personalities to win over. Some may be tougher than others. You'll need to be able to present your pitch in a way that proves you're the best and why you should be chosen for the project.


3D & 4D construction sequencing in your bids helps you to increase the decision-makers confidence by:

  • Pre-building their project so they can visualise the result

  • Showing that you've forecast any issues that may arise and factored that in

  • Reducing the risk of construction budget blowouts

  • Accurately identifying lead times to give realistic completion dates (& take into account possible supply delays)

  • Avoiding reworks of plans and delaying the project


Create a compelling bid
Key Benefits of 3D & 4D Construction Animation Technology

When it comes to winning tender bids, your pitch is just as important as the price. If you've ever presented a tender before, you'll know how tough it can be if the room is sitting in silence. You don't want that! You want to create a buzz. With 3D & 4D construction sequencing:

  • You’re guaranteed to stand out with the added ‘wow’ factor

  • You’ll start conversations

  • You’ll find they pay more attention to you and will have lots of questions as they see their project come to life

  • You’ll leave a lasting impression on the selection panel

And that's what you want in this fiercely competitive construction tender game. You want to be the company that's stood out, started conversations, sparked interest and shown that you're an innovative company.


Leverage retention up to 95%
Key Benefits of 3D & 4D Construction Animation Technology

When it comes to winning construction bids, communication plays a critical part. Your ultimate goal is to attract, hold and retain the attention of the tender selection process.


Put yourself in the shoes of a tender selection panel. They've read at least a dozen or so tender proposals which are all probably very similar and they've been sitting in a room listening to presentation after presentation. They'll likely be zoning out after the third presentation!

This is why you need to stand out from the crowd and grab their attention. With 3D & 4D construction animation videos you are guaranteed to be memorable. Did you know:

  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual

  • Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text

  • Stakeholders retain up to 95% of information when they watch it in video format, compared to 10% when reading it in text

  • A single minute of video is worth 1.8 million words


Save on unexpected costs
Key Benefits of 3D & 4D Construction Animation Technology

The use of 3D & 4D construction animation to virtually build your project shows your client that you've considered the entire process. From teams who'll work together on the building stages, right through to the finished project. Virtual construction building helps you to:

  • Improve project estimates

  • Increase communication and collaboration to reduce reworks

  • Prevent delays and keep the construction project on schedule

  • Enhance construction safety

  • Reduce potential margin blowouts

With everyone tightening their budgets, using this innovative 3D and 4D construction animation helps you to accurate tender for construction bids. You'll find you'll reduce budget blowouts and may even earn a sizeable profit.


Reduce budget margin blow-outs
Key Benefits of 3D & 4D Construction Animation Technology

With cost baselines in construction increasing, and with competition for tenders becoming more intense than ever, you need to adapt to using innovative digital solutions to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve predictability.

Although many builders are slow (or reluctant) to jump on board this tech train, the more prominent companies are starting to see the considerable benefits in digitising construction. By using BIM validation and building virtually first, you can:

  • Iron out potential issues

  • Identify lead times

  • Avoid reworks of plans

  • Prevent delays

  • Reduce potential margin blowouts

Our process/Why innovate

It's time to innovate your bidding game

Show your clients why you're a stand-out in the construction industry crowd

Think Digital. Build Smarter. Be Innovators.

30 sec watch

Smarter builders who'll win bids need to be the innovators

  • Virtually building projects pre-construction to increase productivity

  • BIM validation that'll improve predictability

  • Identifying lead times to give realistic completion dates

  • Avoiding reworks of plans and delaying the project

  • Reducing overall loss of margins

Alternative Design Solutions

Build Sequence


Key Risks

Multiple Staging



Konan Construction Animations | BIM  building information modelling



Traffic Management

How we create

your construction animation sequence 

It's highly recommended that you contact us early on in your bidding stage to achieve maximum results. This way, we understand your key strategic advantages and unique selling points.
VDC Virtual design construction | Konan Construction Animations
2D Data
4D Timeline
Visual Interface


Our Process

Here is what's involved in developing an animation sequence

3 weeks
Strategy kick-off meeting

We’ll work collaboratively to prepare a tender bid strategy aligned with your messaging, goals and tender bid objectives.

Information exchange

We’ll provide you with a project requirement checklist of relevant files we need and you’ll share the required documents.

2 weeks
2D Animation & BIM Assets

We’ll prepare the BIM assets and 3D models. 

We’ll start animating 2D plans and capture the construction methodology, site establishment and traffic management plans.

You’ll get a round of feedback to revise the 2D animation to ensure captures your plans.

1.5 weeks
3D Animation & building sequence

We’ll pre-build the 3D building sequence and validate the forecast programme schedule.

You’ll get a round of feedback to revise the 3D build sequence to ensure your construction methodology is correct and iron out any potential issues.

1 week
4D Animation & visual data

We’ll animate the 4D project timeline programme bars to present your project as a month by month narrative.

We’ll animate analytical data and visual interfaces to ensure you can easily track and understand the build sequence step by step.

3 days
Final submission & post tender

We’ll output the final animation into a video in .mp4 format which can be uploaded in your online bid submission and used in bid presentations.

We’ll include royalty free background music track to enhance the experience of your video. 

We can provide BIM model if required at no extra cost.

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