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An innovative way to win more construction tender bids

Make your construction tender get noticed in a crowded marketplace

The construction industry has proved time and time again how viable it is in the Australian business landscape. In a world that almost stopped, the construction industry continued to thrive.

And it's no secret that it's a competitive industry. Everyone wants to win more jobs at tender to keep a profitable business and their workers employed.

When it comes to submitting a tender bid, you'll know you're not the only company putting in a bid. Many companies who only tendered for certain projects (i.e. smaller ones) are now tendering outside their comfort zones.

Business is business, and there are so many construction projects on offer, making for a much more competitive tendering process.

How construction animation can help with tender bids

If you're presenting tender bids, you've got to capture the attention of the selection panel (i.e. your potential clients). You want to show them that you're a forward thinker, an innovative company who is thorough and 100% up for the job.

They'll be seeing so many tender bids coming through that you've got a small window to impress them.

Using construction animation technology, you'll show the selection panel how you've planned their entire project, from site clearance to landscaping, interior fit-out and everything in between.

Construction animation will enhance your tender bid by:

  • Bringing the project to life in front of their eyes – building each stage

  • Improving project estimates to reduce the chance of your project going over budget

  • Showing the site safety measures be demonstrating the flow of traffic, people and trucks

  • Proving you're up with the latest trends in the construction industry

An innovative way to win more construction tender bids

Here are some tips on writing a winning construction tender bid

1. Show you understand the project

When you're tendering for many projects, it's common for businesses to fall into the trap of using templated tenders and being too general. You need to make sure you're personalising each tender for the company, appeal to them and be specific.

Using construction animation, you can show that you've thought of every detail for their project, and you'll really impress the panel with how accurate your tender bid is.

2. Capture all the costs

You want to become known as the project (or bidding manager) who provides tender bids that are highly accurate. There's no point winning multiple tenders if you've underquoted as the client won't appreciate significant budget blowouts they haven't expected.

As construction animation helps you to prebuild your project, you'll find you can accurately predict the costs involved in each stage. You also significantly reduce the chance for errors and costly budget pitfalls when mistakes need to be remedied.

3. Produce an accurate work schedule

Your tender bid will need to provide a guideline of when you believe the work will be completed. Impress the panel by having a project completion date and giving accurate dates when you expect each stage to be completed.

Construction animation will demonstrate what's involved in each section and help you to predict timeframes. You'll also be able to consider external forces (such as shortage of materials, delivery times etc.) in your timeline.

4. Cover your company with change and insurance clauses

You want to make sure it's evident in your tender bid what happens if the client wants further changes as you don't want to be stuck with additional costs. You will also need to clarify who covers the project insurances and worker's compensation insurance.

If you've used construction animation, your client can see the building upfront and make any changes before construction begins. You can adjust your costs accordingly. You can also include worker compensation insurance information in your digital project management, so each contractor knows they are responsible for their workers.

5. Have all your supporting documents ready to submit

You will need to have all your documents ready to submit with your tender. If you've got bits and pieces missing, the selection panel will overlook your bid as you'll look unorganised. You'll need to include your submission along with contractor agreements, insurances etc.

Go the extra mile to include your 2D, 3D, or 4D construction animation plans to bring life to your construction bid. They are colourful and stand out and greatly enhance your tender bid.

Here's how construction animation has helped our clients win tender bids

Our client was tendering for 101 Collins Street for a lobby refurbishment. They had to demonstrate how they'd minimise the impact of construction on the office workers. With 18 months to build, they had 5 refurbishment areas in 3 construction stages.

101 Collins Street lobby refurbishment construction animation solution for construction tender bids

Need to use construction animation to win more tenders?

To help you win more construction tenders, you should consider using 3D construction animation to really up your tender game. Please get in touch today to discuss your next construction tender bid.


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