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Construction animation will help you win construction tender bids

Here’s how to stay one step ahead of your competition in the construction industry

The construction industry never sleeps. In fact, it’s moving forward faster than many other industries in Australia.

And as with any thriving industry, competition to win jobs means you need to work that little bit harder. Sure, you may know many people in the industry and have great connections, but ultimately, it will come down to excellent business sense.

So, how do you compare to others? Are you standing out in the competitive construction tender arena?

Many businesses are turning to 3D & 4D construction animation to ramp up their tender bids. And it works. Tender bids that show the selection panel full detail about your project do get noticed.

Let’s explore.

How 3D & 4D construction animation technology helps you win more bids

Here’s a quick 1-minute video:

How bidding managers are winning more construction tenders using 3D construction animation

If you’re responsible for presenting tender bids, you’d know how tricky it can be to capture the full attention of a selection panel. They’re likely to have seen dozens of proposals and may if you’ve caught them close to the end of the day – well, they’ve probably already checked out!

Or, if you’re submitting tenders remotely, it’s even harder to gauge the reaction to your proposal.

So, it’s your job to get your tender proposal noticed.

Using construction animation technology, you can showcase your talents by proving you’ve planned the entire project. You’ll capture their attention when you virtually build the project in front of them – from the landscaping to interior design; you’ll show every aspect.

3D and 4D construction animation help you to:

  • Improve project estimates, eliminating massive budget blowouts (which your clients will appreciate)

  • Increase communication and iron out any issues upfront to reduce reworking plans (or worse – needing to alter buildings once construction has started)

  • Keep your construction project on schedule with all trades knowing when they are required onsite (helps with workflow and deliveries too)

  • Enhance construction safety by knowing the flow of traffic, people and trucks being on site

  • Present a memorable tender bid that leaves nothing to the imagination

Construction animation will help you win construction tender bids

Here are 3 proven ways to give your construction tender bid the wow factor

  1. 2D & 3D plans

You’ll enhance your construction tenders with premium quality plans, allowing you to pre-build your project for the client to see the end design and concept. Once created, you include the plans into your tender proposal to create a memorable bid.

2. Construction animation

To impress your client, you can up your game to include 3D or 4D construction animation. You’ll show easy to understand month-by-month build sequencing, demonstrating the foresight you’ve put into the project (ironing out issues and giving more accurate timeframes and budgets).

3. Online interface

If you want a top-notch tender bid (because you really want to win), you can use an interactive online interface that guides your clients through an information-rich narrative around your project. It’s aligned with your brand and values and is guaranteed to leave the best impression on any selection panel.

A construction animation case study: Morwell Trades Skill Centre

Working with Tafe Gippsland, Hutchinson Builders and GHD Woodhead, we used construction animation sequencing to win the construction job for the Morwell Trades Skill Centre.

Want to stay in front of your competition with an impressive construction tender?

If you’re interested in finding out more about construction animation or would like to see how it could work for your next construction tender, please get in touch today to discuss your project.


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