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Case Studies

North Preston Village Bell

Our client was tendering for North Preston Village Bell, a large value tender of $100 million construction of 6 separate residential dwelling on one block of land along Oak Over Road. Working with our client, we developed an interactive model where our client could spin around, interrogate and explore the 3D model of a building project. As an online presentation, they could view the presentation from anywhere and share it in their tender document.

Using 4D animation and 3D staging plans, our online interactive presentation showcased our client’s project smarts and methodology by phasing the project to show build sequence and communicate their strategy in their tender presentation. Our client was able to plan around the site constraints of building 6 separate residential dwellings on one block of land and produce a methodology to stage the residential dwellings into 4 separable portions. Using our bid presentation, our client highlighted their advantageous 5 green star design & as-built certificate - a key selection criterion for the Nightingale building.

With these images and videos, they were able to establish themselves as experts in high end residential developments and shown a high level of attention to the quality of build. In the end, the selection panel and key stakeholders are highly impressed by considerations shown for tenants to safely occupy the dwellings once the building has been commissioned as well as public safety as construction continues on in close proximity for the other separable portions.



5 Star

5 Star Green Star Design & As-Built Certificate (Additional Sustainable Design Principles For Nightingale Building)


Months to build


Stages OR2&4, OR6B, OR1&5 & OR3&6A

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